Trend: we want terrazzo in the bathroom!

If you are considering renovating your bathroom to give it a more aesthetic and elegant look, terrazzo is one of the trendiest floor coverings of the moment. It is an ancient material that was used extensively in ancient times, but is making a comeback and doing its best to enhance modern homes.

The characteristics of terrazzo

Among the major trends in interior design, terrazzo in the bathroom is in the list. This type of flooring is often seen in Venetian palaces and easily recognizable by its speckled effect. It is therefore making a remarkable comeback especially for the renovation of the bathroom. This coating is also known as Granito or Venetian mosaic. It is a mixture of cement, marble and natural stones. All of these ingredients are then polished together to create this beautiful flooring material. The result is unique every time thanks to this speckled effect.

Why choose terrazzo for the bathroom?

For your renovation project, why not incorporate terrazzo in the bathroom? This material gives a unique style to the room. Moreover, terrazzo tiles are all different, which allows a sublime decoration and a refined design to your bathroom. So, if you want to bring uniqueness to the room, this is the flooring par excellence. In addition to being a flooring with a strong personality, this material will awaken a bathroom with sober and pure furniture with neutral colors. In addition, terrazzo is known for its water resistance and softness to the touch. It can be treated against slipperiness for a safe use in the bathroom.

How to integrate this material in the bathroom?

Although it is a raw material, terrazzo is very chic and elegant thanks to the marble that makes it up and its polished finish that reflects the light. This type of tile can even be used in a walk-in shower or on your bathtub apron. Whether on the floor or the wall, it is sure to seduce you for an exceptional makeover. There are many other ways to integrate terrazzo in the bathroom. You will find for example basins or vanity tops in terrazzo which wonderfully complete the decoration of your bathroom.
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