What type of blanket to choose according to the season?

For more comfort during all seasons, it is better to have the right blanket. The choice of the blanket is very necessary to not be too hot or too cold. You have to make the right choice when ordering or buying your blanket because it must keep you warm during the winter and without suffocation during the off-seasons. What type of blanket should I choose for total comfort? And what are the critical points to choose the ideal blanket?

Who to contact to order a blanket?

In order to have the best cover for all seasons, please consult the type of cover manufactured by Dumas Paris. You will have a wide choice of range and quality of covers. In addition, you will have at your disposal several covers available to order. Professionals in the field will also advise you on the type to buy depending on the context or the season to use it. You can also place an order after consulting all the cover catalogs on sale. You can choose as a category of blanket: wool, half-cover, microfiber and fleece.

Choosing the wool blanket

There are different blanket materials and you just need to make the right choice to select the right blanket for your needs. You can choose between wool, microfiber and special fleece blanket. Choose the wool blanket for which is very famous for its thermal insulation feature. The wool blanket offers warmth to the sleeper all the time even in the presence of thermal variations. The wool blanket is very ideal to preserve any humidity. Besides the thermal advantages, wool is also an anti-allergic material and you should make sure to air your room all the time. Therefore, you will have a wide choice on the type of wool blanket to buy. You can choose: the blanket made of pure wool, merino style or mohair.

Fleece and microfiber blanket: characteristics

The microfiber blanket is a synthetic type. It is very light and also very soft to the touch. The microfiber blanket is very ideal for winter and low temperature climates. This type of blanket is usually made of polyester. The fleece blanket is usually made of emerized polyester fiber. It is also very soft and insulating. It competes with wool. This type of blanket is ideal for winter and off-season.
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