How to makeover a long narrow bathroom?

If the layout of a bathroom in length may seem hard, it will only need to take advantage of the benefits of this configuration. For example, there is the perspective effect. The biggest challenge is to keep the circulation flowing so that daily use is easy and the room remains a place of comfort and relaxation.

Choose the right furniture

The number of creations and equipment are not suitable for long narrow bathrooms, because it is often not simple to decide. When remodeling a long narrow bathroom, it is better to prioritize the furniture of low depth. Then they should be placed on the same side (in a row) to simplify the overall entrance to the room. From a practical point of view, also think of installing all the water outlets and faucets on the same side of the room. You will therefore avoid layout problems during your renovation. Regarding the choice of the basin cabinet, choose without question a basin placed on a dedicated cabinet, placed in the length. Some of its prototype’s present depths less than 40 cm.

Have fun with the reflections and colors

A few good practices are necessary for a good makeover of a long narrow bathroom. In addition, the lighting effect and color are included in these actions. In this vision, paint your walls with light colors and avoid strong accents on the shorter walls or the back. Thus, try to avoid as much as possible the warm tints. According to the 6:39 media, these are prone to flattening a bit. It's doable to visually widen or offer depth to the room. To do this, put a large mirror or use a dark shade on one of the walls lengthwise. However, these thoughts will be more practical to observe themselves with enough folds, if it is placed on a narrow area, etc.

Choose the shower instead of the bathtub

Redesigning a long narrow bathroom with something less bulky such as a shower, even if placing a bathtub is tempting. Especially if the shower in question has an extra-flat tray or is made in Italy. Placed widthwise and in the background of the room, the shower will not dull the size of the room. On the contrary, the latter will be more enhanced, especially if it is clad with a glass wall. This one, classier than a curtain, has swinging or sliding doors. You can also install a small bathtub in your room. But this will depend on their respective sizes.
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