Bathroom space

How to makeover a long narrow bathroom?

If the layout of a bathroom in length may seem hard, it will only need to take advantage of the benefits of this configuration. For…

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It’s trendy: the XXL format for the walk-in shower

Be comfortable in your bathroom with the installation of an XXL walk-in shower. Recently, the traditional bathtub and shower cubicle have given way to the…

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How to choose a bathroom skylight?

The glass roof is a charming architectural element. It can be installed in a bathroom to partition certain areas while offering a better design. Nevertheless,…

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The fashion for island baths in the bathroom

The bathtub is becoming a trend today. Most people don’t switch to the flush-mounted bathtub. It is not just a practical bathroom item. But it…

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Trend: we want terrazzo in the bathroom!

If you are considering renovating your bathroom to give it a more aesthetic and elegant look, terrazzo is one of the trendiest floor coverings of…

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