The fashion for island baths in the bathroom

Published on : 13 April 20213 min reading time
The bathtub is becoming a trend today. Most people don’t switch to the flush-mounted bathtub. It is not just a practical bathroom item. But it is also a real decoration equipment. Plus, it adds style to your room.

A well-decorated space

Island bathtubs lend themselves to all types of possible setups to create a new romantic or very contemporary boudoir atmosphere. However, it can be installed in the center of your large bathroom. It can also be placed in the bedroom or in a dedicated room. In fact, an island bathtub can add style to your space. Indeed, it remains a place of relaxation par excellence. This bathtub allows your room to be decorated with luxury. Generally, it blends well with the other equipment in the bathroom. Indeed, island bathtubs can find its place in all types of bathrooms. With an island bathtub, you will get a very aesthetic room layout.

How to install an island bathtub?

The water drainage for island bathtubs is not the same as for conventional bathtubs. However, it is necessary to adopt a flush-mounted faucet on the side of the bathtub, on a foot fixed on the floor. If you want a bathtub against the wall, it can also be installed on the wall. In this case, it is sufficient to install a drain pipe with a slope of 2 cm per meter.

Moreover, the island bathtub rests on the supporting structure so it does not need to be embedded in your interior. Therefore, its installation is simple, because you just have to put it on the place. Indeed, you can put it in the center of the room or against a wall.

The different shapes of the island bathtub

The bathtubs must fit perfectly into the volume of your interior. The shape and size depend on the condition of the place and its location. In fact, it is conditioned by the layout of the plumbing network. Here are the different types of island bathtubs :

  • The round island bathtub adapts to all types of layouts such as classic and contemporary. It adds a very original, elegant and modern touch.
  • The rectangular island bathtub remains a classic configuration. In fact, it makes your bathroom spectacular.
  • The island clawfoot bathtub gives a retro style to your relaxation room. It offers its beautiful curves for a new atmosphere.

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