It’s trendy: the XXL format for the walk-in shower

Be comfortable in your bathroom with the installation of an XXL walk-in shower. Recently, the traditional bathtub and shower cubicle have given way to the XXL walk-in shower in new buildings. It offers more freedom of movement to its user, which provides a beautiful feeling of comfort predisposing to relaxation. Many people do not hesitate to replace their bathtub by a walk-in shower.

The Italian shower in general

The Italian shower has everything to seduce. Placed on the floor, it is both simple and elegant. Moreover, it has a design that does not leave indifferent. The installation finds its place whatever the size of the bathroom. There is a choice of several models of walk-in shower, ranging from the classic shape to the XXL format. A glass wall prevents water splashes from spreading throughout the bathroom. To install it, it is necessary to completely rearrange the space previously allocated to the bath. This is an opportunity to totally renovate your bathroom and give it a new, more modern look.

The ease offered by an XXL walk-in shower

The XXL Italian shower tray, extra flat, ranges from 90 cm to 110 cm in width and from 140 cm to over 180 cm in length. This XXL format offers a spa-like atmosphere to the room and a judicious choice of covering can reinforce it. Thus, it is not uncommon for waxed concrete, mosaics and marble to be the most popular choice of covering. Easily accessible for people with reduced mobility, the XXL format can easily accommodate a chair so that they can take a shower safely.

Installation of an XXL walk-in shower

The installation of the XXL walk-in shower does not involve any major difficulty, as it is at the same level as the bathroom floor and only the drain is visible. For this purpose, the trap and the drain pipe will be buried in the floor. The watertightness of the device is now ensured with a sheet of synthetic material easy to install. In addition, if we want to limit the work, we raise the floor of the shower to accommodate the trap and obtain a very slight slope. However, this arrangement does not have a great impact on the aesthetics, but it can make access difficult for people with reduced mobility.
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