How to choose a bathroom skylight?

The glass roof is a charming architectural element. It can be installed in a bathroom to partition certain areas while offering a better design. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to choose it in order to integrate it perfectly in your bathroom. It is important to know which materials to choose, the type of glazing to choose and where to install it to match your decor.

Materials to be favored

The glass roof can be made of different materials such as wood or metal. The latter is by far the best choice for a bathroom canopy. It can be made of powder-coated aluminum or steel depending on the manufacturer. Of course, a bathroom is most of the time humid. Even treated, wood is still exposed to the risk of degradation over time. Metal models are specially designed to withstand daily splashes and high humidity. Metal canopies are coated with an anti-humidity element that prevents rust and oxidation.

The ideal type of glazing for a bathroom

The choice of glazing for a bathroom skylight varies according to the desired objective. Generally, it is preferable to opt for a translucent glass or a more or less opaque type. To separate a bathroom from the bedroom while allowing light to reach the various partitions of the suite, it is ideal to choose a transparent glass. On the other hand, if the objective is to isolate an area or an entire room, opaque glazing is the most suitable. There are also double-glazed models that provide better sound insulation.

Where to place a bathroom skylight?

There are many choices even in a small space. It can be used as an industrial shower enclosure or to separate the toilet area. It is also possible to use the canopy to replace exterior windows or to create interior openings. In the majority of today's bathrooms, the bathroom skylight is installed to separate the water area from the night area. It is essential to take care of the joints of your glass roof to avoid any problem of waterproofing. For bathrooms with low light levels, it is recommended to install the canopy in an area that will bring more sunlight into your powder room.
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