2021: when Niksen invites itself into our homes

Published on : 13 April 20213 min reading time
The Niksen is a special concept that comes straight from the Netherlands. “Do nothing”? As such it is translated! It’s banal though, it’s the very principle of this kind of style. Indeed, after the hygge, the slow living and the cocooning comes the Niksen decoration. It invites itself today in the modern and stylish interiors.

What is Niksen decoration?

After the upheavals of the previous year, it’s time to redesign your interior with Niksen decoration. The goal is for you to feel good in your home in a totally Zen atmosphere. There is no shortage of inspiration and ideas to sketch out the lines of your interiors and accentuate the comfort of your home. This concept is more than a simple trend since it invites to a real “letting go”. Indeed, between office hours and busy weekends, we often lack the time for a little respite. But 2021 changes all that. Niksen’s decor allows you to disconnect from your busy lives. So everyone can enjoy the present moment without feeling guilty. In short, the idea is to play on the authenticity of your interior to make it as warm as possible.

Good tips for a slow Niksen decoration

Niksen is a Nordic trend that preaches rest. Also, this style translates into a particularly comfortable room, with quilted linen. In fact, 2021 simply marks the accession of the cocoon house that meets the new needs that have emerged after these times of health crises. That said, it is highly recommended to create a muffled atmosphere in this room to make everything perfect. You must therefore bet on a decoration that adapts to this new trend. Niksen style means the return of raw materials, relaxing tones, cocooning materials and rounded furniture. Indeed, corner furniture is to be left aside for this time.

The advantages of choosing Niksen decoration for your home

 This art has become a real philosophy of life, a therapy with multiple virtues, especially on health. Its greatest asset? It stimulates creativity by slowing down the pace of life in order to have time to take care of oneself. Indeed, it reduces stress and anxiety while boosting productivity in an efficient way. Although it seems easy to do, it is still difficult to adopt. The Niksen is all about perfect and harmonious interior design. Moreover, you have to confront your habits in order to change them more easily. On the other hand, you can spend this new year in the best possible conditions by refocusing on yourself and not on your problems thanks to the Niksen decoration.

Furniture trend: angles are becoming more and more rounded!
Decorative trend: velvet is becoming timeless!

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