Decorative trend: velvet is becoming timeless!

Decorating trends can vary from one season to the next. However, velvet remains among the timeless decorative elements. It has proven its worth by remaining in luxurious areas for millennia. Now, velvet is becoming an interior design trend.

The velvet associated with interior furniture

To enrich your interior, opt for a trendy velvet decor. Velvet is a fabric that combines a majestic and soft appearance. This kind of fabric can be used to cover your interior furniture and give it a cozy touch. It can be found anywhere in the house, in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, to make these rooms warm and comfortable. Velvet can be used to dress up all the furnishings that adorn the house. For example: sofas, armchairs, dining room chairs, headboard and bedspread, plaids and cushions. You can even use them as curtains to embellish your doors and windows.

The velvet under its appearance

The trendy velvet decoration used for the interior of a house is very diverse. You can use different types of velvet such as:
  • A silk or linen velvet which is reputed to be a high-quality fabric;
  • A hammered velvet or struck as its name indicates, which is treated by a particular technique: the striking;
  • A corduroy or milleraies which is known by its resistance;
  • A short velvet that can be distinguished by its short hair or cut very short;
  • A synthetic velvet which is an alternative to polyester velvet.
With velvet, we can have several shades of colors. It exists in different shades:
  • Less pronounced like: pastel, powder pink, mustard yellow or curry yellow, water green or turquoise...
  • More vivid like: ruby red, burgundy red, purple, gray, blue, emerald green ...

Velvet and its advantages

The velvet trend decor is timeless despite its age. Velvet has always been used for many years and has multiple advantages. It is often perceived as :
  • A material that combines retro and modern that will never go out of style
  • A resistant and extensible material
  • Thick material with insulating properties
  • A very soft touch material that matches the comfort
  • A high-end material that rhymes with nobility
An easy to maintain material that cleans easily. 
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