Trend: A responsible, sustainable and ethical decoration is possible!

Published on : 13 April 20212 min reading time
More and more people are convinced by the ecological cause. The protection of the environment has become one of the consumption criteria in society. Several sectors have already seen their consumers adapt their buying habits to this cause. But in the decoration sector, is it possible to have a more environmentally friendly trend? The art of decoration contributes in its own way to the green cause.

Choose decorative objects made with ecological materials

Adopting a responsible decoration aims at choosing decoration elements made with ecological materials. Ecological materials are materials that are not harmful to the environment. They are mainly :

  • Rapidly regenerating natural materials that are not protected or threatened with extinction;
  • Materials from environmentally friendly operations,
  • Materials with little or no chemicals that can harm health and nature;
  • Biodegradable materials, which nature can dissolve quite easily and quickly.

Choose decorative objects that can last a long time

A responsible decoration is a sustainable decoration. It is the fact of choosing objects which have a rather important lifespan. It is also the fact of opting for timeless decorative objects that have a timeless design. This implies choosing objects of quality, robust enough and easy to maintain. For this, it is advisable to choose objects that you think you can keep long enough. The ideal is to choose multi-purpose objects in a neutral color.

Choose with social concerns

 From this point of view, the choice of decorative objects takes into account the social aspect. This implies consuming products from fair trade. This tends to consume products manufactured locally. Adopting this type of consumption participates in the enhancement and improvement of the conditions of local workers.

Moreover, the eco-responsible concept also leads to a more reasonable consumption, to avoid waste, to adopt for example the minimalist style. Responsible decorating also means encouraging recycling and giving a second life to outdated or broken objects. The trend can then be concentrated in the recovery, in the acquisition of second-hand objects.

The green trend is also to make your own decorative objects. In this way, you can follow the history of the room, choose the most ecological materials to use, and optimize the design according to the use.

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