Curly wool: the trendy decoration material

Published on : 13 April 20212 min reading time
To face the cool temperatures of fall and winter, nothing beats a soft plaid. For maximum comfort, it is often advisable to use natural materials. The curly wool deco appears then as the material to have absolutely at home.

Why choose curly wool?

Curly wool is easily recognized by its curly and fluffy appearance. It is obtained from curly yarns or thanks to an irregular weaving of the yarns. Traditionally, it is used for winter clothing. But nowadays, curly wool is used in our interior decoration. Indeed, this material has everything to please. It is above all a textile that keeps warm. Its very insulating properties allow it to fight effectively against the cold. Composed of natural fibers, this wool also has the advantage of not creasing or very little. Moreover, it is a resistant material that can last for years. Choose this material for your cushions, plaids and armchairs for a curly wool decoration in the era of time.

Curly wool accessories

Curly wool is ideal for dressing up home accessories. For example, curly wool cushion covers will add softness to your living room. Their fluffy texture will bring a cozy touch to a basic interior. Like most natural materials, this wool goes with most styles. However, for a trendy curly wool decor, it is advisable to combine it with Scandinavian style furniture. In addition, opt for large knits, very fashionable at the moment. A plaid in large curly wool knits placed on the sofa will then be the final touch to your decor. DIY enthusiasts can even easily start making their own plaid.

Curly wool furniture

If curly wool has caught your eye, it is possible to decorate your furniture with it. Indeed, it is no longer limited to small accessories. Many furniture manufacturers now offer this fabric for their sofas and armchairs. A corner sofa covered entirely in curly wool is the latest trend. Add to that some woodwork for a rustic chic feel. You can also play on the mix of materials for more modernity. A glass coffee table and designer furniture combined with a curly wool armchair will not fail to make their little effect.

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