Interior design

Successfully decorating your home

For a modern style approach, it is mandatory to properly choose your home decorations. You can go for elegant objects for an aesthetic rendering of your interior.

comforters and pillows


Luxury comforters and pillows, find the best!

To find luxury comforters and pillows, you should definitely go to a reputable manufacturer. You can shop at Dumas Paris, for example. By opting for luxurious solutions, you are highlighting the aesthetic side of your modern home. These objects can be used as decoration in your living room.

The brand of comforters and pillows can have an impact on your choice. It is crucial to choose a quality model.

Elegant and chic, white is a must-have
color for your bedding

Home decor

Ideas for an easy bedroom makeover

There are many ways to give your room a makeover. It is possible to add unique accessories. Installing new furniture can be a very practical solution. You can get functional and decorative goods at the same time. However, you need to choose a piece of furniture according to the desired themes (modern style, traditional style, contemporary style, industrial style).

The choice of furniture colors should also be taken into consideration. For a pleasant living room, a maximum of three colors should be used.

bedside table

An original bedside table

wooden bench bed

A wooden bench in front of the bed


A magical and enchanting veil


Interior design: the golden rules for success


Raw wood at the heart of the trend

Wood is a very trendy material nowadays. It is particularly approached in an ecological construction. It is also possible to use it for the windows and doors of your house. Wooden construction is an impressive design that interests more people.

Wooden decorating never ceases to attract people. It can offer a rustic and modern look to your home. You can choose any kind of objects to decorate your home.

Raw wood
corner greenery


A corner of greenery, a corner of paradise!

The installation of a garden is a highly recommended alternative. In addition to improving the look of your home, you will also improve the quality of the air that circulates. Plants can help you counteract the electromagnetic fields caused by various appliances.

The presence of a green area can bring multiple benefits. It can improve the quality of your decoration through plant mixes.


Velvet for a soft interior

You can choose velvet as furniture for living room. It is synonymous with softness. Moreover, it has a wrapping and soft side. You can invest it in any room of the house. In winter, velvet furniture can provide you with a good level of comfort.

It is possible to use velvet as a minimalist design style. It is necessary to pay attention to the coordination of the different elements.



Decorating trends: the decorative objects to adopt!

To find the right decorative items for your home, you need to focus on your chosen theme. Be true to your design to avoid unpleasant surprises.

headboard in Canning

Select a headboard in Canning


mismatched chairs

Combine mismatched chairs!



Choose the sofa that suits you


shelf with a clean look

Choose a shelf with a clean look


Feng Shui

Feng Shui for a Zen interior

Feng Shui decoration is of Chinese origin. Its purpose is to harmonize the energy of a specific place. According to the Asian belief, this type of decoration can have impacts on the well-being of the occupants.

By installing this Chinese art, you can enjoy a peaceful and Zen-like interior. Feng Shui is also known as “the art of observing the earth”.


Which lighting to choose according to your decorating style?

Floor lamps
Floor lamps
Floor lamp

Floor lamps

Floor lamps: which model to choose for your interior?

The choice of lighting fixtures can have an effect on your living space. To ensure your lighting, it is necessary to choose your floor lamp well.

You can choose a model of floor lamp according to its shape (tripod, straight stem, etc…). The power and performance are elements not to be ignored in your selection.